Why One Stock Market Investor Prefers Real Estate



Stock market or real estate?  Its a long standing debate in the mind of many Americans.

With the recent up and down nature of the stock market, you might wonder if being in stocks is such a good idea.  Stock investor Damian Maldonado wondered the same on his post over on TheStreet.com.

His big take away: that even if real estate goes down, it goes down MUCH more slowly.

“Housing has had its hard moments in the past decade, but even then the declines come over a matter of months. The prices are sticky, as economists say. You never get that the eyes-glued-to-CNBC, I-can’t-look-at-my-portfolio, full stomach-gut punch you get from stocks collapsing across the board.”

In addition, if stocks drop? Interest rates are likely to drop as well, meaning effectively homes become more affordable.

For his full thoughts, visit the link below.

It’s Time to Invest in Real Estate Instead of Stocks | The Street

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